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 Promotional Keychains

Promotional keychains are one of the staple promotional merchandise products. You'll find them at every trade show, every open day and every exhibition. And for good reason, they work. Every one of your employees and potential customers use their keys on a daily basis. Locking the front door, driving the car and placing them on a desk at work, keys are used frequently, so why not put your brand on there for all to see?

We have a fantastic range of promotional keychains, from budget plastic to executive leather, there are branded key chains for all areas of industry and charity.

Make the practical choice

Although there is something to admire with the simple printed keychain, there are branded products which have re-invented the role of the promotional keychain.

Bottle opener keychains are always a hit, especially at events aimed at students. Are you marketing towards the construction and building industry? We have a good range of promotional tool keychains, including screw drivers and tape measures.

Promotional LED keychains are also a popular product. Available in all shapes and styles, you can light your life up with this promotional product.