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Promotional Folders

No seminar or conference is complete without branded promotional folders. Our varied selection ranges from clipboards, portfolios and document wallets.

Branded folders are a marketing opportunity which shouldn’t be missed. Make sure your delegates don’t leave your exhibition or course with loose pieces of paper, branded folders are the perfect handout to displaying your business details!

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Promotional Office Items

The selection EverythingBranded have ranges from a simple document cover to a complete folio with notepad, pen and calculator. This is an easy and effective way to make sure every attendee takes way your company details – and is then reminded of them every time they look at their notes.

Whether your event is for a product launch, a training course for sales reps or anything in between, a branded folder is a marketing opportunity which should not be missed. Make sure the delegates don’t leave the exhibition or course with loose pieces of paper, so give them a promotional folder which shows your company’s details clearly.