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Printed clothing is a great way to get your message out there as well as creating brand exposure. 

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Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing can be used in a variety of different areas. From printed t-shirts with your brand’s name on to smarter office wear, including a number of ties with your artwork embroidered on.

We have made a considerable effort for promotional clothing to become more prominanent in our digital shopping window, so we are delighted to be able to offer such a wide range of products. As well as our smart office clothes we have branded safety clothes available, covering all areas of industry.

For all conditions

As well as all occasions, we also have promotional clothing for all weather conditions. In the warmer months (and locations) we have a number of styles of caps in a number of colors. We also have a flip-flops and sandals which would be ideal for a travel-based industry.

For the cooler locations we have a wide range of beanies, bobbles and winter wear. We also have touch-screen gloves which allow you to use your devices and keep your hands nice and warm.

Something for the little ones

Ideal for school or kindergarten uniforms or any other exhibition with a children-centric focus, we have a good number of options for children’s clothing. Promotional t-shirts and branded safety clothes for youngsters are available at a great price. We also have branded fluorescent safety vests which are perfect for the young apprising cyclist.

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