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Christmas Gifts

Christmas branded gifts are a powerful marketing tool to show appreciation and a sense of gratitude. So, if you want to send a thank you on behalf of your company, by giving out Christmas promotional gifts with your logo or message, you can help build strong brand awareness at Christmas time and beyond.

Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts to delight recipients or just to make sure everyone feels appreciated, then look no further than our online store at this special time of year. Our promotional items, corporate gifts, and festive giveaways are perfect to spread cheer throughout your whole contact list.

EverythingBranded is your one-stop for Christmas promotional products in Canada. Browse through our website today!

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Christmas Gifts

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Customized Christmas Gifts and Promotional Ornaments — at great prices and value.

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Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas

Best Promotional Gift Ideas For Your Clients & Employees

People love to receive gifts. So if you're thinking of giving gifts to employees and customers, there are plenty of products you can use to promote your brand effectively — as soon as the Christmas bells ring.

By giving away Christmas promotional gifts, you have a huge opportunity to advertise your company to recipients as an excellent way to build goodwill before the new year begins.

Whether it is a simple gesture like sending out a customized gift such as traditional Christmas stockings, and advent calendars, or something more sophisticated such as corporate pens, luxury chocolates, or hampers — all Christmas personalized items can help you to make this the most memorable Christmas ever.

For many companies and organizations, this is a bright time of year to make the most of your brand visibility and provide a unique touch for end-of-year celebrations. However, if you looking to make your Christmas into something unforgettable for customers, employees, and clients, custom Christmas gifts with your company name or logo will help increase the perceived value of your products or services and create a lasting impression on recipients that will last more than a year.

Looking for infallible Christmas promotional product ideas? Our expert team is here anytime to advise you on what to give our clients at this time of the year to help your brand in the spotlight.

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Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Promotional Ornaments: Best Product Ideas

Christmas ornaments are a fantastic way to make your brand look the finest at events like Christmas parties, markets, and holiday sales. By featuring your printed logo or message on Christmas ornaments, you make sure your brand is completely prominent and draws people's attention every time you hang them. 

For example, due to their low cost, and ease to customize, the Christmas balls will not only beautifully represent your brand, but also, can be used as a souvenir. Aside from Christmas balls, there are a range of promotional ornaments perfect to decorate your tree and add festive flair to your home, office, or even the garden. From Santa hats to snowballs, socks to candy canes, and other themed items, it is easily achievable to get your logo decorated on these ornaments.

Overall, if you are obsessed with custom Christmas decorations as much as we are, then these promo items are for you! Not only will they make your festive atmosphere memorable, but they'll also help your brand stand out.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Promotional Supplier

No.1 Distributor - Christmas Branded Gifts and Promotional Ornaments

Here at EverythingBranded, we are dedicated suppliers to many Canadian organizations and businesses. So, if you run a business or local store and need some Christmas promotional gifts or ornaments, our focus is to deliver quality personalized items that add value to your brand and, at the same time, without blowing your budget.

If your marketing budget constraints are a concern, we offer a friendly budget for our entire range of promotional Christmas gifts, from confectionary to traditional and classic ornaments, such as Christmas baubles, inflatables, and more - nothing beats our price!

Fast Delivery - 100 % Guaranteed

When you buy from us before December 25th, you can get your Christmas products in early time and keep your customers satisfied. However, if you have a last-minute order, we will try our best to make sure that everything can delivered on time. Please, keep in mind that the Christmas period could be the busiest time of the year, that's why we recommend larger orders in advance.

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Can I promote my company logo on Christmas Products?

Yes. All you need to do is choose any type of product from our range and we customize your logo or Xmas message. From promotional gift bags to hanging ornaments and Santa hats, we will be able to print your company logo on everything.

What are the benefits of Branded Christmas gifts?

Branded Christmas gifts are a great way to boost employee morale, while also sending a message about customer service and how much you care. Any personalized gift can deliver your recipients a fulfilling experience that feel like they're appreciated and valued.

What promotional Christmas decorations can I use for brand promotion?

Christmas decorations range includes custom-printed ribbons, promotional baubles, branded Christmas ornaments, and Christmas desk decorations. And doesn't stop there! You can also include Christmas party items, which can be used as a giveaway during promotions and events.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Christmas products?

It is dependent on each product. Some products may require a minimum quantity for ordering however, for others, you can order any amount you like. If you'd like to place a bulk order, let us know and we'll make sure to set you up with the best price possible.

What are the best Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget?

Our top selection of budget-friendly brandable Christmas gift ideas includes personalized keyrings, desk calendars, notebooks, winter socks, mugs, and pen sets. All these products are excellent budget-friendly options for those who have a limited Christmas marketing budget.

How much do Christmas promotional gifts cost?

In general, Christmas promotional gifts are based on the quantity of your order. But, we understand that some companies have a marketing budget limited to spending all on Christmas, that is why we offer Christmas gifts under 2 dollars per item. 

What promotional item should be handed out on Christmas?

While any product can be suitable for Christmas, the most common ones are customized chocolates, and traditional executive gifts, like mugs, pen sets, and corporate diaries. All these products often sell out fast so make sure you order yours ahead of time!

How long do Christmas promotional items take to produce?

The production time depends on the quantity ordered and product type. If you require a larger quantity, please speak to our sales team or call us at 1800-586-1615 and we will give you a rough timeline for your product delivery.

What are the best eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas?

If you're looking for eco-friendly gifts for clients or employees the options are endless. From bamboo Bluetooth speakers, chopping boards, and reusable water bottles there are plenty of eco Christmas options all for branding your logo or Christmas message.

Mugs or pens: which Christmas product is better for promotion?

If you are deliberating between mugs and pens for promo, the choice is quite simple. Both promotional products are excellent Christmas gifts. With Christmas mugs in just one sip, you can generate a positive impression. On the other hand, with personalized pens, you can leave a lasting impression. 

What Christmas-branded merchandise do we offer?

At EverythingBranded we have a unique offer of corporate Christmas gifts for your clients, including pens, notebooks, chocolate boxes, glasses wine sets, and much more. Our extensive selection means that you can find the perfect gift for any recipient—whether they're a colleague or client!

What makes the ideal corporate Christmas gift?

No doubt, corporate gifts can help endorse the relationship between who gives and receives. But, by offering something useful to your recipients you will give an immediate feeling that your gift is of value.

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