What does brand color mean for a business?

4th April 2019 in Facts and figures | Just for fun | Top tips and ideas

What does brand color mean for a business?

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the making of logo or brand? Brand color is one of the key factors that companies and marketers consider whilst developing their brand.

Brands use color to increase recognition and drive purchase decision of the consumer. The psychology of colours is one of the most interesting aspects of marketing and branding.

Did you know? Color have the power to influence customer’s purchase decision towards a product or brand, studies show that 74% of purchase decisions are made in store. Selecting a color palette is one of the most impactful choices you can make while developing your brand aesthetic. By you choosing the right colors for your logo will highlight your business strengths allowing you to attract the right customers.

The Best Brand Colors

Your brand color have a powerful impact on how your customers perceive your business so ensuring that you have the perfect colors to match your brand is vital.

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The colour Red has such a powerful meaning, this color attracts the eye and grabs the audience attention. This color is bold and an energetic colour that symbolizes strength, determination and power.

Blue is associated with the sky and the ocean; this color may not be as attention grabbing as colors like red and yellow. Blue is also the most popular favourite of both me and women which means it is well liked. This color has a history of being a welcoming brand that is trustworthy, dependable, responsible and secure.

Quick Brand color meanings

Brand ColorsOrange – Playful, friendly and vitality

Yellow – Happiness, optimism and warning

Green – Nature, stability and growth

Purple – Royalty, creativity and Luxury

Pink – Femininity, youth and innocence

Brown – Rugged, earthy and old-fashioned

Grey – Neutrality, gloom and subdued

Black – Powerful, sophisticated and edgy

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